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In A Search of Balance

Just wanted to share my excitement about booking a trip to Scotland and Iceland this summer! The Scottish Highlands are a dream for any mountain & photography enthusiast and Iceland has been on my list ever since I saw this incredible video so when the opportunity finally arose it didn’t take long for me to jump at it 🙂 Road trips and hiking, whiskey tours, lagoons and breathtaking mountain scenery… August can’t come soon enough 😉

In preparation, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (highly recommended for any travel buff), Braveheart, Highlander and Skyfall, all of which you should see anyway. But in case you don’t have the time, you can also just start with the video below 😉

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fighting for someone.

we have a female dog( bitch) residing beside our bungalow , which is still empty. no one leaves there. so she made its empty house’s compound her place to deliver the kids of her own. she gave birth to  12 puppies. they are so cute. somehow two puppies died then she took both puppies somewhere & came back. no one knew where she left two dead puppies. she always wanders around our house for food. my mother & we  always feed her n their puppies ( now 1 month old’s).

A fat boy around in his 20’s in our neighbor took away all the puppies in a big bag & left them outside our society when puppies mother wasn’t around. when i came home i didn’t hear any noise of puppies so i asked my  mother where all puppies went! she said that boy from our neighborhood took all away all the puppies in a bag at 6.00pm and left it outside our society even when my mom told him not to. i was so angry about the incident.In our compound  i saw female dog looking for her kids. she had few tears in her eyes. Then i went straight to that boy’s house. i rang  the bell. his father came out & i told him that i wanted to talk with his son. so he called his son. first thing i asked him “where did you took all the puppies to?” he said that he left them to tea stall outside the society. “i said how dare you & why ?” he replied that female dog used to bark her at loudly & try to bite her. he added that she doesn’t allow postman or anyone near this area. that is still no reason to keep puppies to keep outside the society. i said these puppies are so small they can’t even feed themselves & its winter  so it gets very cold at night. how will they survive at night without their mother i said. i told them don’t u guys have  any humanity in you. then everyone around the society gathered to watch quarrel. my father also came & started scolding that boy. some neighbor also joined and said them how could you guys do this? don’t u have any humanity?  neighbor   boy’ s  father started shouting. after some more quarreling they guys said u can bring the puppies back. they knew they had a done a mistake.

i & my sister went to pick up the puppies from the tea stall outside the society. it was some 300 meter far . when we reached the tea stall it was 10:30 pm so no one was there. it was small hut type stall with no doors n windows. i n my sister went in the hut. we saw a puppie he was scared. then there were other puppies also sitting at a corner with each other very close. at that time, neighbor boy came with his father in a car. so we put all the puppies in a bag and they guys them in the car and took them back at our house.

female dog was very happy to see her kids back n so was my family & all the society. then i fed those puppies n her mother some milk.   then we all went back to sleep at 11 pm.

i felt so happy to have those puppies back its difficult to explain. they always run to you every time you come home. they are so cute my whole family love them. its good to fight for somone.